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“All My Cards Are In My Apple Wallet. Why Should I Get Curve?”

03 Feb 2020

We get asked this question a lot – and can see why. If Curve can combine multiple cards in one place and you already have all your cards in your Apple wallet, why bother? Now we’ve integrated Curve with Apple Pay, we thought it was about time we settled this once and for all. 

So, here’s the thing – Curve is more than just the means to a lighter wallet. Curve comes with a shedload of benefits that automatically apply to ANY card you load on to it. Here are just 6 of the main reasons to get Curve (there are many, many more!) even if all your cards are in your Apple wallet already.  

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1. Deck out your oldschool bank with new tricks 

Because we’re a fintech product, we’re talked about in the same breath as challenger banks like Monzo, Starling, Revolut, etc. This isn’t so surprising given that, while we’re not a bank, Curve does include the kind of perks that have swayed millions towards challenger banks – like instant notifications, bank-beating foreign exchange rates, instant cashback, and free weekday ATM withdrawals abroad. The difference though – and this is the big one – is that with Curve, these perks automatically apply to multiple cards. That includes your traditional bank that’s still playing catch up with modern technology.  Now we’ve integrated with Apple Pay, your cards on Curve are contactless, so it’s never been easier to pay. 

2. Earn money when you spend

Curve gives you 1% instant cashback on your top 3 selected retailers. If you’re a Curve Blue customer, that’s an introductory 90 day offer, but if you get Curve Black, you get this for unlimited time. If you get Curve Metal, you get this at SIX of your chosen retailers for unlimited time. This isn’t just good news for your Amazon addiction. It means that if you already get cashback on your underlying card, you get cashback twice. With retailers like IKEA, Tesco, Sainsburys and Apple in the mix, you can build up a nice little sum over time.

3. See how you spend across the board

With Curve, you get instant notifications when you spend across the cards you add to it. You also have insights in the app that categorise spending so you know how much you’re spending on what. We’ll also split out your personal spend from your business expenses so you don’t have to do the financial untangling yourself. 

4. Never pay on the wrong card again 

We’ve all done it, whether accidentally or because we were stuck with no other choice. Luckily, our Go Back in Time feature makes sure that you’ll always pay on the right card. GBiT lets you switch payments from one card to another, for up to 14 days after the transaction was made. This isn’t just good for oopsies. You might use it to move transactions from your personal account to your business account, or your current account to your joint account. It also means you won’t miss out on credit card rewards points if you accidentally paid on your debit card. Which leads us to our next point… 

5. Squeeze more rewards out of your credit card

There’s lots of ways Curve can help you get more out of your credit card. Aside from doubling up on cashback rewards, you can use Curve Fronted to pay your tax bill with an underlying credit card. If you have a hefty HMRC bill, this can translate into A LOT of rewards points. It’s also a valuable safety net for freelancers who might want to spread the cost of their HMRC bill. Using Curve Fronted does carry a 1.5% fee per transaction, but it’s completely free with Curve Metal. 

6. Takes the headache out of expenses

Email receipts on Curve make life a lot easier for sole traders, freelancers, and small businesses. You can email yourself a breakdown of every transaction you’ve made, and attach a photo of the physical receipt, making your expenses easier, and your wallet a lot lighter! 

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