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Why Curve is a must-have app for crypto users

18 Jan 2022
2 min read

Nearly 4% of the world owns cryptocurrency - around 300 million people. Ten years ago, few people had even heard of it. Now, everyone from Elon Musk to your Dad is investing. 

This has led to the recognition of crypto currencies within UK and EU legislation (finally!) and enabled some exchanges and crypto platforms to link with Visa and Mastercard® cards. These exchange linked cards mean crypto users can easily integrate their crypto activities with fiat spending.

But what’s Curve got to do with it? Curve is a financial super app that combines all your cards in one – including exchange linked cards like those from crypto.com, Binance, Coinbase and Plutus. While you can’t buy or sell crypto on Curve (yet!) you can still benefit from adding your crypto-based cards to Curve. Here’s why 👇

Get purchase protection on all your cards 

For added peace of mind, your Curve Card purchases are covered by Curve Customer Protection (CCP). 

The benefit of Curve Customer Protection is that it applies to pretty much all purchases*. There’s no minimum or maximum spend, and it doesn’t matter which card you pay with. So whether your default card on Curve is a Monzo debit card or your crypto-based card, you’ll be eligible for a refund if your order doesn’t show up as promised.

Bear in mind that you won’t be covered for any purchases on Curve that involve trading crypto or any other type of commodity, as per our T&Cs.

Use your crypto card anywhere, with any device 

Any card you successfully add to Curve becomes automatically compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. You can even add your virtual crypto.com card to Curve to use it straight away. 

Huawei user? Curve has it’s very own OS called Curve Pay to enable contactless mobile payments. And you can pay with Curve on smartwatches like FitBit, Garmin, and Wena. 

Legal bits:

Curve supports most Mastercard®, Visa, Diners Club International and Discover debit and credit cards, and most loyalty cards. For supported mobile wallets and more details, see our FAQs and Terms of Service

Curve Customer Protection covers most purchases and Fair Use restriction may apply. See our FAQs and Terms of Service for more info.

Curve Cash Introductory Offer terms apply. See our FAQs and Terms of Service. Further information can be found at www.curve.com.



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