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Curve x Plutus: the crypto dream team

07 Nov 2022
3 min read

Around 300 million people own crypto. If you’re one of them, and you want to earn some additional crypto for free - Plutus has you covered. If you're more on the crypto-curious end of the spectrum, Plutus might just be the gateway you've been waiting for. Because you can select the Curve Black perk with Plutus and get £9.99 in PLU every month to cover the whole cost of your subscription. You can even choose Curve Metal as a perk and get all the benefits for just £4.99/month.

What’s the deal?

We’ve partnered with Plutus to bring you a whole load of crypto-related benefits - as well as £9.99 worth of Pluton (PLU), Plutus’ crypto reward token, every month when you subscribe to Curve Black 🎉 

When you pay for your Curve Black subscription (normally £9.99) with your Plutus card, Plutus will give you the monthly value of the subscription to you in PLU every month. 


When you spend with a Plutus Card, you’ll earn a minimum of 3% of eligible purchases back from Plutus in PLU. With Plutus, you can:

  • Earn PLU anywhere Visa cards are accepted

  • Convert PLU into Fiat

  • Stake your PLU to unlock higher reward rates (8%)

Use of the Plutus card, Plutus account, and PLU is subject to Plutus’ terms and conditions. 


After opening a free Plutus Account, you will get £9.99 worth of PLU every month when you subscribe to Curve Black – just follow the steps below.

Curve Black is one of our premium cards, which means that on top of the usual Plutus Perks, you’ll also get Curve Black benefits:

  • Unlimited 1% cashback at 3 selected retailers

  • Unlimited access to fair FX rates

  • Fee-free cash withdrawals abroad up to £400/month

  • Travel insurance wherever you are in the world

How to take advantage of this offer:

  1. Create a Plutus account and choose a subscription plan

  2. Select the ‘Curve’ bonus category under the ‘Perks’ tab

  3. Welcome to Curve Black 👋 Update your Curve Black payment method to a Plutus Card to automatically receive £9.99 in PLU every month 

  4. Add your Plutus card to Curve to earn 3-8% in Crypto Rewards (PLU) on all your eligible spending - that’s on top of 1% cashback from Curve!

You can also maximise your benefits with Curve Metal. If you select this plan, you will also be eligible for £9.99 in PLU every month. So you can effectively have Curve Metal for £4.99/month – that’s a 66% discount! Follow the same steps to claim.  

Ready to start earning cashback in crypto? Sign up to Plutus now 🏃‍♀️


Curve is not involved in the cryptocurrency services mentioned above, which are exclusively provided by Plutus. 

Cryptocurrencies are not regulated in the UK or the EEA and are regarded by regulatory authorities in these jurisdictions as high-risk. Cryptocurrency markets are volatile and investments and holdings can go up in value as well as down. 

Cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency services are not subject to the same protections, including compensations schemes, as regulated financial services.



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