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Dear 2020, Nice try.

By Team Curve29 Dec 2020
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Let’s cast our minds back to January. 

We’d just launched Apple Pay.

Zoom was just another verb. 

Life was good. 

Then… the C word happened.

Covid meant we had to adapt and innovate faster than ever before. 
But luckily, innovating is kind of our M.O and getting stuff done is a non-negotiable.

👇 Stuff we got done👇

✅ Gave you Apple Pay

✅ Expanded Google Pay to Europe

✅ Introduced millions of UK Samsung users to Curve 

✅ Added ‘loyalty’ so you can add your rewards cards to Curve

✅ Made Curve Cash automatic with “auto spend” 

✅ Launched our first ever beta version of Curve Credit

✅ Connected all your accounts to Curve with Open Banking integration

✅ Became Mastercard® Principal Member

✅ Clinched something else considerably crucial (that we can’t quite share yet 🤐)

Oh, and rebuilt our entire company over a single weekend in June, no big deal 🙃

When the world changed, we changed with it.

The pandemic meant we didn’t just need to work harder. We had to care harder too. For our colleagues, our customers, and our community. 

So that’s what we did.

We went waaaay back in time 🕰

We extended our ‘Go Back in Time’ feature from 14 days to 30 days to empower customers to move pre-Covid purchases to their credit card and free up cash if they needed to.

We raised money for food banks 💸

With a 325% spike in demand for food banks during lockdown, we launched our Not All Heroes Wear Pants campaign with Mastercard and raised thousands for food charities Trussell Trust and FareShare.

We pulled together 💪

We did everything we could to save as many jobs as we could at Curve. And thanks to voluntary salary cuts and deferments, we were able to hold on to 95% of our workforce.


74% of our active users have paid with Curve through their phone.

Because now they can!

We launched Apple Pay 🍏📱🇪🇺

45K + of you added Curve to Apple Pay on week 1

25% spike in signups

100% decrease in “WHEN APPLE PAY 🤬 ” DMs

We expanded Google Pay 📱🇪🇺

381% increase in Google Pay adoption

Ireland took note – grew 500%

Germany biggest adopter

We powered the Samsung Pay card 💳 🔋 💳

We brought the Curve experience to millions of UK Samsung phone users

Samsung Pay cards now make up 25% of daily signups

Over £750K spent on Samsung.com (really milking that 5% cashback 🤑)

We introduced Curve Loyalty 💳 📱

You’ve added over 100K loyalty cards to Curve so far

Tesco is the most popular loyalty card on Curve

We made Curve even safer 🔒

Behind the scenes we’ve been working hard to keep your money safe and introduced 3DS2 as well as our own state-of-the-art Fraud Monitoring system (hand clap to our award winning paytech team and super smart data scientists) that has reduced our already low fraud rates by over 35%

2020 in numbers





The Future? We have BIG plans for that

Curve Credit is going to change the game 🚀

Imagine being able to split virtually any transaction into instalments? 
Curve Credit is going to make that a reality. Look out for it very soon!

The app is getting smarter 🧠

Earlier this year, we introduced Curve Cash auto-spend, a toggle you can turn on to pay with Curve Cash automatically. No balance-checking, or wallet-swiping required. 

We also have invited you to enter Anti-Embarrassment Mode. Turn it on and choose your backup cards. If your selected payment card doesn’t go through, we’ll automatically try the backup cards you designate, so you can pay without the panic.

These are just the first in a whole set of personalised features we’re working on behind the scenes.

The American Dream ---> Reality 🇺🇸

Our Brooklyn army (of three) have spent the last 12 months laying the groundwork for an ambitious US launch in 2021. Despite never making a public announcement, we’ve built a waitlist of 6000+ Americans who can expect a Curve card in the post (sorry, mail) by May. So needless to say – we’re hiring! Check out the roles we’re looking to fill now.

We’re staying with EU 🇪🇺

Yes… we’re Brexit-proof. We've chosen our new European home in Lithuania, where  we obtained our EMI license and passporting to continue to operate in the EU after Brexit on Dec 31st.

Thank you! 

2020 threw us more Curveballs than the U.S election, but we took them all on, dressed from the waist up and came out the other side with a better product, a stronger team, and an unprecedented number of sweatpants. 

Thank you for your support. 

Team Curve

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