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How does a Curve card work?

11 Jan 2022
7 min read

So what exactly is Curve? 🤔

Curve is your wallet in one card, combining your debit, credit and loyalty cards into one. So it’s the only card you need to carry (and the only pin you need to remember!) You control your cards through the Curve app, where you can also see what you’re spending across all your accounts at once.

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We should let you know straight-up... Curve is not a bank.

Curve allows you to supercharge your existing bank cards. We give you cashback on all your cards, great exchange rates when you travel, one-off rewards and insights across all your accounts - all without having to move banks.

We know digital wallets aren’t exactly revolutionary. But a digital wallet that can store all your loyalty cards, save you loads on foreign exchange fees, earn you cashback when you shop, and enable you to switch payments between cards? That’s something worth talking about.

Once you’ve loaded your cards onto your Curve wallet, simply tap the card you want to pay with in the app and use your physical Curve card to pay. Or, add Curve to your phone’s digital wallet (like Apple Pay) and go totally card-free. 

Which cards can I add to Curve?

The short answer – a LOT! You can add Visa, Mastercard, Diners and Discover debit and credit cards, as well as all your loyalty cards. In fact, you can add any card with a barcode or QR code, so things like library cards, local membership cards and even boarding passes can be stored in Curve.

Sadly, you can’t add American Express and Maestro cards, but we’re working on it! 🤞

Covid-friendly payments

There's never been a better time for totally contact-free payments. Curve supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Huawei - even if they’re not supported by your bank yet. 

For example, if you’re with Permanent TSB in Ireland, you can’t add that card to Google Pay yet. But you can add it to Curve, enabling it to work with Google Pay. How’s that for a life hack? You can even pay with any card on your smart watch, as Curve supports Apple watches, FitBit, Garmin and Sony Wena. Your wallet on your wrist - handy.

Is Curve a debit card?

Yep. It’s a Mastercard debit card, and you can use it like you would any other debit card, anywhere Mastercard is accepted, worldwide. It doesn’t hold on to funds like a traditional bank card, and there’s no need to top-up your card every time you need to make a purchase. Add cards to Curve and use the app to choose which one you’d like to spend with. 

Because Curve is a debit card, you can use it to pay a credit card bill with another credit card using Curve Fronted. It’s simple – just head to the app and turn on ‘Curve Fronted’ and we’ll take care of the rest. This carries a 1.5% fee for Curve Blue customers, and is free for Curve Metal users.

Does Curve carry out a credit check?

Curve doesn’t do a hard credit check but instead runs a ‘Know Your Customer’ check which will be seen on your credit history. It won’t affect your credit score, don't worry. We do this not only because it complies with regulations, but it also helps prevent anything dodgy like money laundering and fraud. 

Curve also collaborates with other companies to develop all the new and exciting products we work on. We might share your information with companies like credit reference agencies, but these are soft credit checks and won’t impact your credit score.

How does Cashback work? 💸

Curve Cashback lets you earn money when you spend money. Want £5 cashback on the house? Just make 5 transactions of £5 or more in your first 10 days with us! Watch it appear like magic on your Curve Cash card 🤑

As well as this welcome offer, you'll get regular one-off rewards from loads of retailers like ASOS, Amazon, Apple and Uber.

 Upgrade your Curve experience to get even more cashback:

  •  Curve Black: Get 1% cashback at 3 retailers, for as long as your subscription lasts 

  •  Curve Metal: Get 1% cashback at 6 retailers, for as long as your subscription lasts

Spend at your selected retailers and your cashback will land in the Curve Cash tab in your app, which you can spend right away!

Hot tip: To make the most of cashback with Curve Metal or Black, we recommend choosing the retailers where you spend the most money, rather than where you shop most frequently. For example, you might go to McDonald’s once a week and spend a tenner. But if you’re planning on buying a new Apple Mac, you’ll earn more cashback in that one transaction than a year’s worth of McDonald’s. We know which Big Mac we’d prefer. 

What’s the Curve app?

The app is where it all starts. Download it, use it to order your physical card, and add all the cards you can to your virtual wallet. You can easily load your cards to Curve by using the camera to scan your card (or fill in the details manually).

The final step is activating your card. Then you’re good to start spending! You can choose the card you want to pay with by swiping through your digital wallet in the app and tapping the card you need. 

Here are some other great things you can do in the app: 

  • Go totally card-free by hooking up your Curve card to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay

  • Have your own virtual Curve Card 

  • Set up cashback

  • See what you spend

  • Go Back in Time

  • Send money

  • Lock your card 

How does Go Back in Time work?

Paid on the wrong card by mistake? Happens to the best of us. Just head to the Curve app, choose the payment you want to change and Go Back in Time

You can switch payments up to 30 days after you’ve made any purchase under £1,000. It’s free and done entirely in-app.

Not only that, but you can move past payments from debit cards to credit cards and spread the cost of any payment to improve your immediate cash flow.

Here’s a quick step-by-step:

  1. In the app, tap the transaction you’d like to change 

  2. Choose ‘Go Back in Time’

  3. Swipe through your Curve wallet

  4. Select the new card you want to pay with

  5. Let the time machine work its magic 

Can I trust Curve?

At Curve, we work hard to protect the safety, privacy and financial security of all of our customers. We have a large team working to ensure our systems are safe and secure for all. We built Curve with your security in mind. We don’t store your card numbers in our app or on your device.

And as an FCA-regulated financial institution based in the UK, we make sure we’re careful about everything we do. We have to comply with strict anti-money-laundering (AML), data protection (GDPR), and payment industry (PCI-DSS) regulations, and have regular third-party audits to make sure we’re protecting you properly.

Find out more about what Curve does to protect your data and your money here.

Is Curve Metal worth it?

Curve Metal is our most premium card, and it’s packed with benefits that definitely make it worth it for the right person.

Take cashback. With Curve Metal, you can earn twice as much cashback as Curve Black users as you get to choose 6 cashback retailers, rather than 3.

When you’re travelling, you’ll get our super-competitive foreign exchange rate with NO limits. That’s on top of free ATM withdrawals up to £600/month. Speaking of holidays, you get worldwide travel insurance so you never have to do that boring research-and-compare game ever again. Renting a car? Curve Metal includes Car collision waiver insurance. And just to make sure your trip gets off to a VIP start, you get discounted Loungekey access to luxury airport lounges worldwide.

We almost forgot – your phone is insured with Curve Metal, too. So we think it's a pretty amazing deal. Of course, we’re biased though! Here's an in-depth comparison to help make your own mind up. You're welcome ✌️

Sold on Curve? Download the app now to get £5 cashback when you make 5 transactions of £5 more in your first 10 days 💸

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