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Curve X: why we're introducing a new tier

By Shachar Bialick27 Jun 2022
4 min read

Our mission has always been to build the most radically customer-focused financial app in the world. We want to empower everyone with the tools to live their best financial life. And we've come a long way towards achieving that, but only with your support. Our customers have had our back from day 1, through highs and lows. Which is exactly why I want to be 100% transparent about the changes we’re making right now. 

As you know, the global economy is in the midst of a storm, and we’re not sealed off from  the turbulence. It’s prompted us to make some difficult decisions. We want to ensure that we’re not only sustainable, but that we can continue to deliver more of what matters to you in the future. Sharper insights, faster payments, lower fees, greater flexibility – total control. Our mission isn’t changing, but how we do business is. 

Curve is unique. But you knew that already.  What you might not know is that it costs a lot to make the magic happen. As you scale, these costs come down. Which is why until now, the market allowed us to fund some of our costs in the name of growth.  But the market doesn’t work like that anymore. It’s changed rapidly and we have to adapt with it. In response to the changing environment, we’ve recently shifted focus towards short term-profitability. This has meant reshuffling  our roadmap and reviewing our pricing offer. 

Keeping Curve free

The free Curve card offer is important to our customers, and we’ve fought hard to keep it.  But it’s also where our biggest costs lie. So rather than removing our free tier, we've decided to introduce a high-value, low-cost subscription called Curve X, which will maximise the core benefits of Curve. 

Here’s what our deck of cards will look like from now on: 

We did have to limit some benefits on the free Curve card.  But we also gave a lot back. We recently doubled the fee-free FX limit so customers can spend twice as much abroad without paying any foreign transaction fees (up to £1000/month). We've completely removed weekend surcharges until September so you don’t need to worry about what card you’re paying with all summer. You can literally use your credit card abroad, notorious for high foreign transaction fees, and eliminate the  FX fees on that card. Even better, you can earn rewards while you’re away.  We’re hoping to make this change permanent – watch this space. We’ll let you know in the next few months. We’re also looking into how we can increase your monthly limits even more, so that Curve becomes the obvious choice for international travel. 

Looking after the O.Gs 

We’ve only got to where we are today with your support. So we’re offering Curve X to existing customers at a 60% discount of £1.99/ mo for a full year if you upgrade within 30 days. We know this change will impact some of you who have enjoyed the unique benefits of Curve X for free until now. But your support enables us to sustain Curve and deliver more meaningful value in the future. 

A few more aces up our sleeve 

For the past few weeks, we’ve been working around the clock to elevate the Curve experience in a number of ways. Very soon, you can expect more life-automating Smart Rules, open-banking support, sharper insights and a wildly improved app interface. Not to mention another game-changer in the way of crypto rewards. 

Once again, thank you for supporting our mission. Everything we do is with the one goal of being the most radically customer-focused financial app in the world. We’ve never been more excited for what’s to come – we hope you are too.  




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