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Is Curve safe?

By Charlotte Golzari20 Oct 2020
3 min read

Curve is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which keeps a watch over all financial institutions, ensuring they’re fair and honest with their customers. Your data (things like your I.D info, card details, and transaction history) will be protected by the security regulations put in place by the FCA, and we don’t share your bank card details with any retailers when you make transactions.

Curve is GDPR and PCI DSS-compliant. 

That’s a lot of acronyms. Let’s break down what they actually mean. 


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a security standard for organisations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes. Curve follows this standard to prioritise security policies, technologies and ongoing processes that protect our payment systems from breaches and theft of your data. 


You’ve probably heard this one before, and that’s because it’s really important. The General Data Protection Regulation ensures that companies like us keep your information safe in any possible scenario. This includes training our people to know how to handle your information and implementing the right technologies to make sure we’re keeping your data safe. GDPR breaches carry hefty penalties so it’s within both our interests to comply rigidly to these laws.

Is my data safe? 

Curve is 100% committed to protecting your data, and we are registered with the UK Information Commissioner’s Officer. You can get the full picture on what we do with your data in our privacy policy.

Knowing your money is in safe hands 🤲

You receive real-time notifications after all account activity so you always know what’s happening with your money. And if you lose your Curve Card, you can instantly lock it in the Curve app, keeping your other cards safe, too. 

Curve Customer Protection 🛡️

This means we protect you for purchases made using Curve. You’re covered for:

  • Fraudulent activity

  • Goods or services you never received

  • Goods that are faulty (defective)

  • Goods that aren’t legit (counterfeit) 

  • If the merchant failed to refund you

  • If you’ve been incorrectly charged more than once for the same transaction 

You can learn more, find out what you’re not covered for, and make a claim here. 

Fair Use 💳

We’re all about you being in control of your money, but not at the expense of your security. To ensure Curve is safe to use, we set “fair use” limitations on your card to protect you. 

  • We don’t allow cash recycling. That’s when high volumes of cash are taken out of an ATM using a credit card or other payment card to repay the card so that you can gain rewards. 

  • Your Curve card shouldn’t be used for things like money orders, buying lottery tickets, paying certain taxes or transactions for investment purposes. 

 More on this here. 

We’re all ears 👂

You can chat with us at any time in-app by tapping on your transaction, scrolling to the bottom and tapping “Questions about this transaction?”

Curve is as safe as any other FCA-regulated body (read: very safe) but If you’ve got any questions, queries or concerns about data protection issues, drop our Data Protection Officer a line at DPO@curve.com

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