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Money talk with Elizabeth Boampong

08 Aug 2022
3 min read

Elizabeth Boampong is a risk & compliance analyst here at Curve. From blowing her first paycheck in a single day to becoming a FinTech editor for Women of the City Magazine and hosting her very own finance podcast, FinTech with Liz – she’s had quite a journey towards bossing her own finances. Now, she’s helping others do the same. We caught up with Liz to talk about her financial evolution. 

1. How did you get into finance?

Finance was never something I was taught growing up. I knew it was important but didn’t know where to go for that knowledge. Then I got a job at a bank around 5 years ago and became really interested in digital finance. When I started at Curve, I was actually in the customer experience team. I was later promoted to Senior CX Champ, and later CX Lead. The cool thing about working for Curve is that they really promote internal growth. And I was able to side-step into a Risk and Compliance Analyst role which I’ve been doing and loving ever since. 

2. What’s the biggest money lesson you’ve learned? 

The importance of having good credit! The first lesson is finding out you have a credit score in the first place. Then it’s all about learning what impacts your score and knowing what you can do to improve it. 

3. What tools do you use to boss your own finances?

Call me biased but Curve is such a good tool for having an overall view of what your outgoings look like across all your debit and credit cards. I use my app every day to keep an eye on things, rather than logging on to all my individual banking apps. 

4. What do you wish people were taught about money in school?

How to invest! And what money can really do for you if invested well. When I first started working, I earned my first £98 wage and spent it all in a day, buying a quilted jacket I could wear for work. If I’d had an investment mindset early on – I’d be rolling in it right now!

5. What money advice do you give to your friends and family?

Don’t be afraid of money. For every financial problem, there’s a solution just around the corner if your mind is clear and you’re prepared to face it head on.

6. What money advice would you give to your younger self?

In the same way you strive to have good relationships with people, strive to have a good relationship with money. You’ll gain a lot from understanding not just your incomings and outgoings, but your personal habits and thoughts towards money as well. 

Over several weeks, in partnership with Samsung UK, Liz will be serving you quick crash-courses in all things money to help you boss your finance goals, straight from your phone. Catch up on the latest videos here.



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