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Rebuilding refunds: how will refunds work moving forward?

01 Jul 2020

The article below is out of date. Please visit this link for an update on our refund process.

They say the devil works fast... but Curve works faster, as proven this weekend when we successfully migrated away from Wirecard in less than 60 hours. We rebuilt in record time, and we’re not done yet: refunds are top of the agenda. Our focus isn’t singular here. As well as getting Wirecard-era refunds back into the pockets of our customers as quickly as possible, we’re building a brand new refunds process that’s going to be faster than before, and puts the customer in control.

Customer research has made it clear to us that the most important thing when it comes to refunds is speed – having your money back as soon as possible. This has largely informed our new approach to refunds.

The refunds process for returned purchases paid for after the 27 June migration:

Refunds on returned purchases made after 2pm, 27 June, will now be refunded onto the Cash Card in your Curve Wallet, as soon as it is processed by the merchant. You’ll be able to see your “balance breakdown” beneath your Cash Card (see visual below). One part is “points” which is the cashback you earn from your selected retailers, and the other part is any money that’s been sent to you: refunded purchases and Curve Send transfers.

Although the refund will land in your Cash Card, it’s entirely up to you whether or not you want it to stay there. We’re building functionality that will allow you to move that money back to your payment card within your Curve Wallet (see visual below). We’re working closely with our partners and hope to have this completed by the end of the month.

We’re also building out the functionality to allow you to draw from your Cash balance first when buying something. If there’s enough money to cover the full purchase, it will deduct from your Cash Balance, regardless of what payment card you have selected. Just toggle-on “use automatically” and make use of your Cash without having to think about it. We think we can build and launch this in about 1–2 weeks.


When we’re finished, this first-of-its-kind refund process will put traditional refund wait times to shame. Forget 3-5 day processing. Not only will it be quick, but you’ll have even more control over where it goes, and how you spend it.

Refunds from returned purchases (and disputes) made before 27 June:

If you’re waiting for a refund processed before 2pm, 27 June, this money is sitting safely with Wirecard. Rest assured, we are working with them to get it released to you as soon as possible.

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