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Why we’re doing a 180 on refunds (spoiler: you told us to)

06 Aug 2020

Move fast, break things – that’s what we do at Curve, and most of the time, that works pretty damn well. But when it came to rebuilding refunds after Wirecard, we moved too fast and released something that wasn’t ready. Priding ourselves on innovation and never ones to shy away from a challenge, we thought about how we could rebuild refunds better than before. Oh yeah, and do it super quickly because customers were literally waiting on refunds at the same time. 

We decided quickly to build refunds in an entirely different way, with them landing on your Curve Cash card. This allowed customers to access their refund immediately and skip the 1-5 day processing time from your bank. If they wanted it on their payment card, we’d make it possible to move it over to any card in their wallet, giving them total control and flexibility over their cash. Isn’t that what Curve is all about? 

It was a unique concept. It was an innovative idea. It was also premature. This concept hadn’t been fleshed out enough, the technology wasn’t sound enough yet, but most importantly, you weren’t happy with it. 

More to the point, you weren’t unhappy with how it was before. So we’ve retreated. We’ve listened to your feedback. Refunds will now be returned to your original payment card. This is what you’ve consistently asked for, and it will take effect immediately.

We’re still perfecting this refunds process. If your original transaction was processed before June 27 or there is a problem processing your refund, it will still go into your Curve Cash card where you can spend it immediately. 

If you have a refund sitting in your Curve Cash card right now, you can spend it immediately but can’t move it to another card just yet. We’re working on making this possible very soon, and will update you as soon as it is. To pay with your Curve Cash card, just select it as your payment card in the app and spend it like you would any other card in your Curve Wallet

Thank you for being by our side as we learn and grow.  Our goal remains the same – to simplify your finances and put you in control. We’re always going to try new things. We’re always going to push for better than what already exists. But this time, we did that too fast. Lesson learned. 


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