What is Curve Credit SNPL?

Curve Credit’s “Swipe Now to Pay Later” is a game-changing, interest-free feature that lets you split purchases into instalments, helping you split your costs into more manageable chunks. The product is currently in it’s beta phase and we could use your help to get it ready for the world. If you are deemed as eligible and granted a credit amount, you can start to split transactions into instalments that are 3,6,9, or 12 months long. Your first repayment would be due a month after initially splitting the transaction. 

How does it work?

Curve Credit SNPL works with things you’ve already paid for using your Curve card. Just select an eligible payment from your transaction history and “Swipe To Pay Later”. See below for a full list of ineligible transactions.

We’ll fully refund that transaction, and you’ll make your first repayment to us a month later. The refund is instant on our side, but may take 1-3 days to appear in your account, depending on your bank. 

When can I start using Curve Credit SNPL? 

To use Curve Credit SNPL, you must first “Check Your Eligibility”. You will only be able to start using Curve Credit SNPL if you are invited to start using the product and are eligible (subject to affordability checks). While our initial roll-out will be limited, we are working hard to offer this product to more customers as soon as possible. 

You can start using Curve Credit SNPL once you are approved and have been granted a “Credit Available” amount. Once you’re deemed as eligible, you will be able to see your “Credit Available” amount in the app under the “Curve Credit (Beta)” banner in your “Account” tab. 

Who can use Curve Credit SNPL? 

For now, only randomly selected customers from the Curve Credit Waitlist can use Curve Credit SNPL subject to affordability checks. To set a gold standard in responsible lending, we will follow a rigorous screening process based on candidates’ credit-worthiness and affordability.

How will we decide who’s eligible for Curve Credit SNPL?

Eligibility depends on your financial circumstances, borrowing history, job status, income, and expenditure. We’ll also run a quotation or “soft” search with a credit reference agency to establish your credit history. The quotation search will be conducted when you complete the “Check My Eligibility” process. This check will not impact your credit score and will not be visible to other lenders. However, when you take out your first instalment plan, we will register a credit or ''hard'' search, and your obligations with us will be known to other lenders. This credit search may impact your credit score.

How many instalment plans can I have at once?

There is no limit to the number of instalment plans you can take out, within your “Credit Available” amount.

For example, if your “Credit Available” is £3,000, you might have a repayment plan on a  £1,700 couch, another one on a £1,000 fridge and another one on a £300 TV – 3 separate plans totalling £3,000. 

As you make repayments, the amount you repay will increase your “Credit Available” accordingly. 

Is my transaction eligible for Curve Credit SNPL?

If a transaction is eligible for Curve Credit, “Swipe To Pay Later” will be highlighted in green under the transaction. You can’t “Swipe To Pay Later” on the following transactions:

  • Transactions under £10

  • TfL transactions

  • ATM withdrawals

  • Non-GBP 

  • Curve Fronted (e.g. payment of a credit card bill with an underlying credit card)

  • Curve Send

  • Online investment platforms

  • Airline or travel agency payments  

  • Car rentals 

  • Cruise/steamship Lines (boats)

  • Bus lines, tour busses or bus charter payments

  • Transactions made more than six months ago 

  • Failed transactions

Transaction eligibility criteria for Curve Credit is subject to change over time.

How do I opt out of marketing from Curve Credit?

If you want to opt out of marketing comms from Curve Credit, please let us know via this form and we can take it from there.

If you change your mind, just let us know and we’ll send you updates again. 

Can my partner and I apply for a joint “Credit Available” amount with SNPL?

No. At least for now, all applicants must apply for Curve Credit’s SNPL separately.

Can checking my eligibility for Curve Credit SNPL affect my personal credit score? 

Checking your eligibility for Curve Credit’s SNPL will not impact your credit score. 

Will my repayments be taken automatically?

Yes. Please check that your repayment card is active within the app and has sufficient funds when repayments are due. If you have multiple, separate repayments due on the same day, they will be combined into one repayment. 

What happens if my repayment is unsuccessful?

Your instalments will be taken from your account monthly after you successfully split a transaction. If for any reason a payment is declined (e.g. insufficient funds) we’ll try again again in 3 days. You can then top up funds or switch payment cards before the next payment is attempted. 

If you notice a failed payment, get in touch with our Customer Experience team – they’ll be able to help. Go to the app, head to “Account” and tap “Help”. 

You can also reach us via email to support@curve.com.

What can I do if I am struggling to make a repayment?

Get in touch with us straight away – we want to help you and would be delighted to hear from you! If you are worried about making your repayment, you can contact us via the app in the “Account” section under “Chat with us”. Alternatively, you can send an email to support@curve.com

One of our team will be very happy to discuss a variety of repayment options. 

If you’re finding it difficult to make repayments, calling on a free advice service can be extremely helpful. 

Is there a time limit on my “Credit Available” amount?

If you do not use your “Credit Available” amount within a month or if your circumstances change, we reserve the right to modify or completely withdraw your “Credit Available” amount. 

We also reserve the right to withdraw all “Credit Available” from users if Curve Credit itself is withdrawn.

Is it possible to overpay when using Curve Credit SNPL?

We collect the exact amount owed at each instalment date so it’s not possible to overpay on your repayment plan, but you can pay off your loans in full early by contacting us...

Can I make my repayments earlier than scheduled? 

...yes, you can. Please get in touch with our Customer Experience team to repay a Curve Credit plan early. 

Can I close my Curve account while I have outstanding repayments? 

Yes, you can close your Curve account at any time. But closing your Curve account when it has credit outstanding is in breach of your Terms and Conditions. If you wish to close your Curve account, please contact our Customer Experience team to discuss your situation. Alternatively, you can always repay your outstanding obligations early. 

What cards can I use to make repayments?

Please make sure your selected repayment card is not expiring within the term of any repayment plan. If something happens to your selected repayment card, please change the underlying card on your active plans to ensure payments go through successfully.

Why can’t I swipe on a specific transaction?

Possible reasons: 

  • Your transaction is not eligible (see here for full list). 

  • You’ve reached your available Credit Available.

  • You don’t have enough Credit Available for the full transaction.

  • Your card has been blocked

If you believe we’ve made a mistake and this transaction should be eligible, please get in touch with us.  

What happens if I return a purchase I split into an instalment plan?

Please be aware, if you receive a refund for the original transaction, it will not automatically go towards paying back your plan. Your repayments will still be collected as agreed when you took out the plan. 

If you receive a refund for your original purchase that you split with Curve Credit SNPL it will be refunded to your Curve Cash card (within 1-3 working days), which you can spend on daily expenses. If you are expecting a refund but it hasn’t appeared on your Curve Cash card please contact us at support@curve.com. 

Is my Curve Credit SNPL purchase covered by Curve Customer Protection (CCP)?

Yes! If you have a problem with a purchase, you can make a claim with Curve, and we can help by raising a dispute on your behalf to get the money back from the merchant.

You can view more information on Curve Customer Protection here.

If a dispute is raised, you will still need to make the agreed repayments on your plan as the repayment plan and transaction are no longer linked once you choose to spread the transaction using Curve Credit. 

Can I cancel my SNPL plan?

If you change your mind about using Curve Credit on a purchase, you can cancel within 14 days of agreeing to the plan by repaying in full. The credit search registered on your file will also be reversed if you decide to cancel the plan within 14 days of entering into the Curve Credit Agreement. 

If you decide to cancel, please email support@curve.com or contact the Customer Experience team via the app. We’ll take out the full amount again and retract your plan.  

How do I get in touch with you?

For any queries, please email support@curve.com or contact us through the app – we’ll be happy to help!

How do I make a complaint about Curve Credit SNPL?

You can contact us by using our in-app support or you can email our complaints team directly at complaints@imaginecurve.com.

To successfully resolve your complaint as quickly as possible, please provide the following

  • A description of your concern

  • What you’d like us to do to put things right

  • Your name and address

Can I change the card I make the repayments from?

Yes, you can change the current card to whichever one you want on an active plan. But, if your most recent repayment failed, please alert the Customer Experience team if you have changed the card on the plan. However, if you change the card before your repayment date, then the repayment will be automatically taken from your chosen card with no hassle. You will receive notification if you have successfully changed your repayment card.  

What if I can’t afford my SNPL repayments anymore? 

Please get in touch with our Customer Experience team through the app or email us at support@curve.com.

Do I still earn Curve Cash if I split a transaction with Curve Credit SNPL?

Yes. If a transaction is eligible to earn reward points you will still earn rewards on that transaction.

Can I use Curve Credit on a transaction that I have used the “Go Back in Time” feature on? 

Yes, you can.

Can I make repayments using Curve Cash?

You cannot make your repayments using Curve Cash currently but this is a feature we are working on for the future.