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Use one card for all your accounts*. Expense. Save. Grow *Visa and Mastercard cards only

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Simple expensing

Say goodbye to complicated expensing. Curve provides automated expense reports, including receipts. Curve is the simple cure for expensing headaches.

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Like a Boss

Your business benefits

When you partner with Curve, you see the benefits straight away. Curve has no currency fees, so your employees save up to 5% when they travel abroad. And with 1% instant cashback on your business purchases at chosen retailers, it pays to spend.

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Travel Smart

Business or Pleasure?

It doesn’t really matter. With Curve you can save up to 5% in fees when spending abroad. Godspeed.

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Protect your money

We know how important it is to protect your company’s funds. That’s why we created a state-of-the-art security system to free you from risk. We send real-time alerts at the first hint of trouble. You can block cards with a single tap. It’s smart. It’s safe. It’s secure.

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Instant Cashback

Get 1% on your spend

Save money on selected retailers of your choice and get instant cashback rewards to spend.

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No credit checks required.

*Subject to our Terms of Service and Fair Use Policy.

**For AXA Travel Insurance Terms and Conditions, click here.

*** If you joined Curve before the 16/02/2018 please see here for more information about your rewards programme.

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