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Curve Fair Use Policy

Version: Monday 25th November 2019

At Curve our mission is to create a connected world of finance and provide you with a convenient and simple way to manage your finances, in order to allow you to live life’s rich experiences. In order to ensure that the experience of using your Curve card mirrors the experience of using your selected underlying payment card, there are some fair use limitations, which we highlight below.

For further information please see Curve Terms of Use (which includes definitions for terms used below) and Curve FAQs.

ATM credit card withdrawal fair use

Curve strongly discourages using an underlying credit card in order to withdraw cash. Please note that your underlying credit card issuer may charge you fees for making such transactions with your Curve card.

In addition to the above fees, Curve may charge you an additional 2% for withdrawals above £200 (or currency equivalent) per calendar month, when using a credit card as the underlying card. Please note that this not a limit per credit card, but a cumulative for all credit card withdrawals using your Curve card in a calendar month. This charge does not apply to ATM debit card withdrawals.

Our platform uses third-party systems to identify whether the Funding Source is a debit or credit card. If you believe your card has been incorrectly defined you should contact us at:, where you will be required to provide evidence as such in order for your case to be investigated.

ATM withdrawal fair use

Curve’s fees and limits are separate from any terms your card issuer may apply to cash withdrawals or similar transactions. Please check your card issuer’s terms of service for clarification.

ATM domestic frequency fair usage

ATM usage is free for up to 10 domestic (withdrawals in the same currency as your Funding Source) withdrawals per calendar month after which time you may be charged £0.50 (or currency equivalent) per usage for each additional ATM withdrawal.

Cash recycling

In addition to the fees listed above, any behaviour which Curve deems to be “cash recycling” is not permitted. This is where high volumes of cash (e.g. defined by a high cash to spend ratio) are taken out of an ATM using a credit card or other payment card and then used to repay the card in order to gain rewards on the funding card or Curve Rewards. Depending on the account activity, “high volumes of cash withdrawals” could include spending which is under £200/ month as it will be assessed on the volume and frequency of ATM withdrawals compared to non-ATM spend. Any other equivalent usage which the Curve Compliance Team believes aims to achieve the same outcome, for example via the use of money transfer services, is also not permitted. Such behaviour may result in your Curve account being blocked or cancelled. See Curve Terms of Use for further information.

Compliance with your underlying card issuer’s terms

You always need to be compliant with the terms of use and policies of your underlying payment card. Your Curve card should not be used for any transactions which are not permissible with or are penalised by your underlying credit card issuer, such as any cash advance or quasi-cash transactions including money orders, buying lottery tickets, paying certain taxes, or transactions for investments purposes. Please bear in mind that fees may be applied by your underlying card issuer for making such transactions using Curve (in addition to any fees charged by Curve) and that Curve shall not be liable for such fees. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your underlying card issuer for such terms.

Paying off your Credit Card with Curve

Curve does not allow you to pay off your credit card bills with an underlying credit card selected in the Curve app. However, you will be able to use the Curve card, with an underlying debit card selected, to pay off your credit card bills. You need to always be in compliance with the terms of service of the credit card whose bill you are paying off as well as the terms of service of the underlying card used to make the payment. Curve retains the right to disallow you from the use of your Curve card and services, and such behaviour may result in your Curve account being blocked or cancelled.

Thank you for reading the policy.

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