Referral Offer Terms

Version 1.5 - 31 March 2023

  1. Curve promotes referral offers to new users from time-to-time.

  2. The current referral offer is open until 23:59:59 31 March 2024. Any person you refer under this offer must sign up and complete any necessary eligibility requirements by that date.

  3. Any marketing of the referral offer, or the webpage or part of the Curve app which the marketing directs you to, will specify the value of the referral reward and any necessary eligibility requirements. Please check these terms to understand the exact conditions that apply to the referral offer communicated to you.

  4. The value of the referral reward and any eligibility requirements may change from time to time, and this will not constitute an amendment of these referral offer terms which requires us to provide you with any notice.

  5. To be eligible for any referral offer, the person you refer must be a new user, who has not had an account with Curve in the past 12 months, and must signup to Curve using your unique referral link.

  6. By taking part in this referral offer you acknowledge that eligibility for the referral reward is dependent on the actions of a third party (the person you refer).

  7. If you refer multiple people to Curve, you will receive an additional referral reward for each person referred up to a maximum of 12 referrals.

  8. You will be disqualified from the referral offer if Curve finds that you have created multiple accounts, or where there are reasonable grounds to believe there has been a breach of these promotional terms or the UK Terms of Service or EEA Terms of Service, depending on your country of residence. Employees of the Promoter or the Promoter’s affiliates, and their immediate families, associated agents, or anyone professionally connected with the promotion are not eligible for any referral offer.

  9. Curve does not bear any liability for incomplete account creations or activations, including transaction declines, or if there are delays for any reason, including being unable to verify accounts.

  10. The referral offer will be given to you in Curve Cash Points within 5 business days of the conditions of the offer being met. These will be credited to your Curve Cash card (visible in the Curve app). As explained in our UK Terms of Service (if you’re a UK resident) and our EEA Terms of Service (if you’re an EEA resident), Curve Cash Points have no monetary value and are converted to e-money only at the point they are spent with the Curve card. When Curve Cash Points are spent on the Curve card, 1 Curve Cash Point is equivalent to 1 pence (GBP) – so, 100 Points = £1. Curve Cash Points cannot be withdrawn as or redeemed for cash, cannot be transferred from the Curve Cash card, and expire after 6 months. The use of Curve Cash Points is subject to the UK Terms of Service and EEA Terms of Service, depending on your country of residence.

  11. This referral offer is in addition to any other rewards or cashback programme offered to you by Curve.

  12. You cannot earn a referral reward on any of the following:

    • transactions or purchases of, or relating to, financial services, including but not limited to wire transfers, money orders, money transfers, insurance services, insurance sales, insurance underwriting, insurance premiums, cash disbursement, stored value funding, funding of cards and accounts, securities/shares (including through brokers and dealers), bonds, savings bonds;

    • transactions or purchases of, or relating to, lotteries, gambling or gambling like services, tax payments, and government services;

    • purchases made using your Curve Cash card balance;

    • Curve Fronted transactions;

    • ATM withdrawals.

  13. This referral offer is subject to Curve’s Fair Use Policy, which you can find here. Any violation of that Policy may result in us suspending your participation in this referral offer and Curve Cash or suspending or closing your Curve account. You will not be credited Curve Cash Points that we reasonably believe were obtained in violation of our Fair Use Policy. We will also revoke any Curve Cash Points granted where we reasonably believe they were obtained by fraud or otherwise in violation of these terms.

  14. If you attempt to circumvent the terms of the referral offer, including by creating multiple accounts, or reversing any transactions which qualified you for the offer, your participation in the referral offer will be suspended and your Curve account may be suspended or closed.

  15. For the avoidance of any doubt, this referral offer is only available to Curve card holders. Samsung Pay+ holders are not eligible.

  16. We reserve the right to suspend or withdraw this referral offer at any time and to amend these terms on 30 days’ notice (unless the change is clearly in your favour, in which case we’ll tell you once we’ve made the change).

  17. We will not be liable for any loss or claim, whether direct or indirect, which arises from the referral offer.

  18.  These terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales if you are a resident of the United Kingdom or the laws of Lithuania if you are a resident of the EEA.

UK Promoter: Curve UK Limited (1-10 Praed Mews, Tyrbunia, London, W2 1QY)

EEA Promoter: Curve Europe UAB (Jogailos g. 9, Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania)