1% Cashback Referral Offer

Version 1.1 - May 24, 2022

1.    When you refer someone to Curve we’ll give you 1% cashback on purchases you make on the Curve card (except on excluded transactions described below) for an additional period of 30 days (“Referral Reward”) after your initial 6 months of 1% cash back. To be eligible for the Referral Reward, the person you refer must (1) apply and onboard to Curve and (2) make at least 1 purchase on their Curve card.

2.    Your 30 day period will begin only once the person you refer has made at least 1 purchase on their Curve card. 

3.    If you refer multiple people to Curve, you will receive an additional Referral Reward for each person referred. Each additional Referral Reward will run from the end of any earlier Referral Reward. For example, if you refer 3 people to Curve (and they each make at least 1 purchase on their Curve card) you will get 1% cashback for 90 days. 

4.    By taking advantage of this offer, you accept and agree that if Curve discontinues this offer at any time for any reason you will not continue to receive 1% cashback on purchases after the end of the offer. For example, if you have accrued 90 days of 1% cashback and Curve discontinues the offer, you will be given at least 30 days’ notice (during which you will continue to receive 1% cashback) but you would not receive the final 60 days of 1% cashback.

5.    Cashback will be paid as Curve Cash Points to your Curve Cash card (visible in the Curve app). There is no limit on the amount of Curve Cash you can earn. 

6.    Curve Cash Points have no monetary value. Curve Cash Points cannot be withdrawn as or redeemed for cash and cannot be transferred from your Curve Cash card.

7.    When you spend Curve Cash Points on your Curve card, 1 Curve Cash Point is equivalent to 1 US Dollar (USD) – so, 100 Points = $1.

8.    If you receive a refund for a transaction that you have earned cashback on under this offer, any Curve Cash Points you earned on it will be deducted from your Curve Cash card balance.

9.    This 1% Cashback Referral Offer is in addition to, and runs concurrent with, any other rewards or cashback program offered to you by Curve. If you earn a Referral Reward during the period of your 1% Cashback Introductory Offer, your Referral Reward will begin once your 1% Cashback Introductory Offer ends. 

Ineligible and excluded transactions

10.     You cannot earn cashback under this 1% Cashback Referral Offer on any of the following:

  • Transactions or purchases of, or relating to, financial services, including but not limited to wire transfers, money orders, money transfers, insurance services, insurance sales, insurance underwriting, insurance premiums, cash disbursement, stored value funding, funding of cards and accounts, securities/shares (including through brokers and dealers), bonds, savings bonds;

  • Transactions or purchases of, or relating to, lotteries, gambling or gambling like services, tax payments, and government services;

  • Purchases made using your Curve Cash card balance.

Fair Use

11.     We will  revoke any Curve Cash Points granted where we reasonably believe they were obtained by fraud or otherwise in violation of these terms.

12.    If you attempt to circumvent the terms of this Referral Offer, including by creating multiple accounts, your participation in the Referral Offer will be suspended and your Curve account may be suspended or closed.

13.    For the avoidance of any doubt, this Referral Offer is only available to Curve card holders. 

Amendment, suspension, and withdrawal

14.    We reserve the right to suspend or withdraw this Referral Offer at any time and to amend these terms on 30 days’ notice.