Smart Rules terms and conditions

Smart Rules are in-app feature that lets you set up a card to be the funding source when a transaction you are making with your Curve card meets certain conditions.

Smart Rules can be set up in the Curve app in the wallet section. You would then need to enable the feature and start setting up the different conditions that form part of your rule. Note: you won't be able to use the Curve Cash card for any of your rules. You can also create a priority list when creating the rules, and the rules will always run in the priority list. If the transaction meets the criteria for the first rule - it will settle it using the funding source without going to the second rule. Therefore, please ensure that you have correctly prioritised your rules so that they meet your needs and do not have any detrimental consequences.

You have the option to completely delete the rule in your Curve app in case it no longer meets your requirements.

At the moment, there's no limit to the number of rules you can have. This may be amended from time to time at Curve's discretion.

If your Smart Rule seems to be overlapping with another one, the Curve app will suggest a solution. However, Curve bears no responsibility to whether this will be suitable and meet your needs.

Curve does not bear any responsibility if the Smart Rule does not work and we may at any time default to the card selected in your Curve app if the transaction does not correctly meet the conditions laid out by you in the Curve app. This is not an automation feature and is only a manner for you to select a funding source as a matter of convenience.

Please note, if you have your Anti Embarrassment turned on then this will take priority over Smart Rules and your transaction will be taken out of your Curve Cash first.

Curve still retains the right to deny a transaction if it does not meet its eligibility criteria.