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See what you’re spending on all your accounts at once with Curve insights. Modernise your old school bank with instant notifications, get categorised breakdowns of your total spend, and track old transactions across your accounts. Great for transparency, terrible for realising how much you spend on coffee.


Get a better understanding of your spending habits


Get instant notifications every time you spend


Track your spending across all your cards

We go way back

See what you’ve spent, when you’ve spent, and where you’ve spent it on your Curve Timeline. You’ll be able to track as far back as your first transaction on Curve. Still owed for that work lunch back in June of 2019? Now, you’ve got receipts!



every time

you spend

Get instant spending alerts every time you pay with Curve. This means you can stay on top of your spending in real time, no matter what card you’ve paid with through Curve.

See a payment you don’t recognise? Lock your card with a simple tap in the app.

Break down your spend

We’ll serve you a categorised breakdown of your spend across all cards. And for those of you who like to colour-code your bookshelves – you’ll be glad to know our categories are colour-coded too.

Here for the views?

Download Curve and see your spend in one place

Legal bits : Insights provided relate only to transactions made through Curve, across the cards you’ve added to your Curve Wallet. Curve has no access to your bank accounts directly.

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