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Version: 1.0 - 4 May 2021

What are these Curve Cash Subscription Introduction Offer Terms?

  1. Hello. We’re Curve Europe UAB, registered in Lithuania with company number 305626541, but you’ll know us better as Curve. In case you want to send us a letter, we are based at Jogailos g. 9, LT-01116 Vilnius, Lithuania.

  2. These Curve Cash Subscription Introduction Offer Terms (“Terms”) set out the terms that apply to our promotional offer to you as a resident of France, Ireland, or Poland when you subscribe to either Curve Black or Metal and comply with the rules of the offer. Together with our EEA Terms of Service and any documents mentioned in those terms, these Terms form a single legal agreement between you and Curve. To the extent of any inconsistency, these Terms will apply.

  3. These Terms do not affect your rights to close your account under the EEA Terms of Service. 

  4. If you have any questions about these Terms and conditions or anything at all, just drop our friendly customer support team a line at or get in touch via the Curve app.

What is the Subscription Introduction Offer?

  1. If you subscribe to Curve Black or Metal between 4 May 2021 and 31 May 2021 you will receive 2% cashback when you participate in Curve Cash for the first 2 calendar months of your subscription (the “Introductory Offer”).

  2. Your participation in Curve Cash is subject to the Curve Cash terms, which you can view here.

  3. To take advantage of this Introductory Offer you must

    1. Be a resident of France, Ireland, or Poland;

    2. Subscribe to Curve Black or Metal between 4 May 2021 and 31 May 2021;

    3. Select your cashback retailers in the Curve app (see how to); and use your Curve card to make a purchase at the retailers you selected in the Curve app.

  1. You will only be entitled to earn 2% cashback for the period you maintain your Black or Metal subscription. If you cancel your Black or Metal subscription during your 2% cashback period, you will not be entitled to earn 2% cashback after the subscription ends. Thereafter, you will only receive cashback in line with the Curve Cash terms. However, if you downgrade from Metal to Black or upgrade from Black to Metal your entitlement to 2% cashback will be unaffected.

  2. The 2 calendar month period within which you can earn 2% cashback from Curve Cash runs from the date you subscribe to Black or Metal and not the date that you activate a cashback retailer in the Curve app. If you do not activate Curve Cash you will not earn cashback. If you do not use Curve Cash within the first 2 months of your Black or Metal subscription, the Introductory Offer will lapse. For example, if you first activate Curve Cash from the 3rd month of your subscription, you will only earn cashback in accordance with the standard Curve Cash terms.

  3. At the end of the 2 month introductory period, the cashback rate will revert from 2% to 1% (or any other cashback rate stipulated in the Curve Cash Terms that may apply at that time). 

  4. For the avoidance of doubt, this Introductory Offer is only available to residents of France, Ireland, and Poland. If you are resident in another EEA country, you cannot take advantage of the Introductory Offer.

How and when are Curve Cash Points received?

  1. Your cashback will be added as Curve Cash Points to your Curve Cash card, which is visible in the Curve app. Cashback you earn under the Introductory Offer will be added on the 1st day of each month of the period of your Introductory Offer. Any cashback earned following the end of the 2 month Introductory Offer period will be added to your Curve Cash card in accordance with the Curve Cash terms. 

  2. If you have not received your 2% cashback as stated above, please contact our support team at or in the Curve app.

  3. These Terms are subject to Curve’s Fair Use Policy, which you can find here. Any violation of that Policy may result in us suspending your participation in Curve Cash or suspending or closing your Curve account. You will not be credited Curve Cash Points that we reasonably believe were obtained in violation of our Fair Use Policy.

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