Curve rewards supplemental terms

Version: 1.1 - 17 May 2021

What are these Curve Rewards Supplemental Terms?

  1. These Curve Rewards Supplemental Terms (“Supplemental Terms”) will apply when you use the Curve app to access Curve Rewards, promotional offers that enable you to get cashback and other rewards when you spend on your Curve card. We make these Curve Reward offers available to you in the Curve app from time to time. Curve Rewards are separate from Curve Cash, which is also a reward-based offer but has different terms that apply. The Curve Cash terms can be found here.

  2. These terms should be read together with our UK Terms of Service (or Curve’s Samsung Pay+ Terms, if you’re a Samsung Pay+ user) if you’re a UK resident or the EEA Terms of Service if you’re an EEA resident, and any documents mentioned in those terms. Those terms, together with these Supplemental Terms form a single legal agreement between you and Curve. If there is any inconsistency between the UK Terms of Service (or Curve’s Samsung Pay+ Terms, if you’re a Samsung Pay+ user) if you’re a UK resident, or between the EEA Terms of Service if you’re an EEA resident, and these Supplemental Terms, these Supplemental Terms will apply.

  3. If you have any questions about these Supplemental Terms or anything at all, just drop our friendly customer support team a line at or get in touch via the Curve app. 

What are Curve Rewards?

  1. Curve Rewards lets you earn cashback and other rewards on eligible purchases on your Curve card or Samsung Pay+ on offers presented in the Curve app by us and accepted by you.

  2. With Curve Rewards, you can select from the offers that we make available to you from time to time. These offers will be presented to you in the Curve app, may be time-limited, and can be withdrawn or changed at any time without notice and even before they expire. Therefore, if you want to be sure you will receive cashback on a purchase, you should check it in the app before you make the purchase.

  3. For the avoidance of doubt, Curve Rewards are only available when you use your Curve card (or Samsung Pay+ if you are a Samsung Pay+ user) to make the relevant purchase.

  4. Curve Reward offers are individual and each one will specify the terms applicable to it, including generally any period of validity, the reward available, the conditions you must comply with to get the reward, and any other rules. Curve Reward offers can be claimed only as specified in the offer. Typically, offers can only be redeemed once. If offers can be redeemed multiple times, the offer will specify this. For offers requiring an activation, the offer will be redeemed the next time you make a transaction on your Curve card that meets the terms of the offer. 

  5. Curve does not guarantee that Curve Rewards offers will be available at any given time.

How and when are Curve Rewards received?

  1. Curve Rewards that offer cashback will be paid into your Curve Cash card, which is visible in the Curve app. Cashback is generally paid within 21 days of the date you satisfy the terms of the relevant Curve Rewards offer. If you do not receive your cashback within 90 days, please contact our support team at or in the Curve app.

  2. Please note that the Curve Rewards amount you receive for a transaction may be less than the amount calculated at the time of the transaction if there is any later change to the transaction amount. For example, if you receive a partial refund of the transaction amount. 

  3. We can’t pay you Curve Rewards cashback if your Curve account is closed. Therefore, if you earn cashback on a Curve Rewards offer and you wish to close your account before the cashback is paid into your Curve Cash card, we may suspend your account until such time as the cashback is paid and then close your account in accordance with your closure request. You would not be charged any subscription fees, if applicable, during the period of suspension for this purpose. This ensures you receive any Curve Rewards you have earned.

  4. We can temporarily or permanently suspend your access to Curve Rewards if we reasonably believe that you are abusing Curve Rewards or attempting to earn cashback by fraudulent, illegal, or improper means. You will not be paid Curve Rewards that we reasonably believe were obtained by such means.

Changes to these Supplemental Terms

  1. We can change these Supplemental Terms on 30 days’ notice to you.

  2. We may revoke, suspend, or terminate the Curve Rewards programme on 30 days’ notice to you.

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