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Made with 18g of brushed stainless steel, Curve Metal is a cut above the other cards in your arsenal. But it’s more than a pretty face. Curve Metal has you covered at home and away with double cashback rewards, phone insurance, travel insurance, cheap FX rates, and access to exclusive airport lounges.

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Legal bits: Fair usage limits and weekend charges may apply to any foreign currency or  non-domestic ATM transaction, as defined in your  Curve Card or Samsung Pay Card Terms of Service. Fair usage limits also apply to Curve’s Customer Protection Policy. Worldwide Travel and Mobile Insurance Terms and Eligibility Criteria apply. LoungeKey access subject to terms.

For UK customers, FSCS protection does not apply to the funds held on your Curve Cash Card and your funds may be at risk in exceptional circumstances. To learn more about how we protect your funds and how we minimise your risk, go here. More information can be found on the FCA website itself, here