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Curve combines multiple debit and credit cards into one through a simple app.

But we don't just consolidate your cards, we connect them. Introduce your money to new possibilities.

All beta users will receive an additional 1% cashback on every purchase for the first 6 months. Yes, this is on top of the rewards you already receive on other cards - Curve adds extra cashback.²

Stack your


Spend with Curve to maximize your points and cashback.

Curve will give you extra cashback on top.

Who doesn’t like a little extra?

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Go Back in Time®

Curve lets you move past payments in between cards. Paid with the wrong card?
Use Go Back in Time® to make things right.²


Tap, swipe and switch

30 days

To switch the card you paid with


We love it so much, we got a patent for it

Make every card contactless

Have non-contactless cards? Annoying.

We fix that. You can add all of your Mastercard®, Visa®, and Discover® cards to Curve so you can pay contactlessly and be on your way.²

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Pay your way

Maybe you have cards you can’t add to Google or Apple Pay? Add them to Curve and you’ll be able to pay with a flick of the wrist.

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Forget foreign

exchange fees

Curve has zero foreign exchange fees––which means so does any card you add. It’s probably the best thing to happen to travel since Google Maps.²

Curve US Inc - cards issued by Hatch Bank, Member FDIC