Curve Customer Protection

What is this?

Curve Customer Protection allows us to provide greater protection to you, the Curve cardholder, for purchases made using your Curve Card.

Curve Customer Protection isn’t a product warranty or a service warranty. Curve doesn’t provide any guarantees. Please note that you retain all of your statutory rights even if you raise a claim under Curve Customer Protection.

So, when can I claim?

In case you have an unrecognised or unauthorised transaction on your Curve Card, get in touch via this page as soon as you notice the transaction. Curve will then process refunds for any unauthorised transactions within one working day.

If you have made a purchase using your Curve Card and not received the goods or services as promised by the merchant, you can claim in any of the below scenarios.

Decisions on any claims made under our Curve Customer Protection policy are refunded at Curve's discretion. When you submit a claim to Curve, we have the right to choose to refund you immediately or to process the refund once the outcome for your chargeback has been confirmed as successful.

  • Goods or Services Not Received - check for delivery noticesThis is when you haven’t received goods or services as promised by the merchant. Please check your delivery notice before contacting Curve as we will need it as evidence.

  • Goods or Services DefectiveThis is when goods or services don’t match their description or are faulty. Examples include:

  • the quality or workmanship of the product isn’t as described.

  • the specified colour, size, or quantity isn’t as described.

  • the goods provided are faulty or not fit for purpose.

  • In this instance, you may need to return the goods to the merchant at your own cost or have the goods made available for pick up by the merchant.

  • Counterfeit Goods"Counterfeit" means that the goods were not produced by an authorised manufacturer of the goods so they infringe on intellectual property rights.

  • Merchant Failed to RefundThis is when the merchant failed to disclose its refund policy at the time of the transaction and is unwilling to accept a return or cancellation of goods or services. This would include instances where the merchant hasn’t responded to the return or the cancellation communication or has refunded a smaller amount than the original amount you paid without proper reasons.This would also include cases where the merchant has confirmed that the refund will be processed but you haven’t received this refund yet.

  • Duplicate chargeThis is when you have been debited more than once for the same transaction.

How do I raise a claim?

You should contact Curve and not your underlying payment card issuer. If you have contacted your underlying card issuer, this protection will no longer apply.

If we receive a dispute from your payment card issuer after paying out your claim, we retain the right to charge any of your underlying funding sources for the balance. We will first attempt to charge the payment card that was originally charged for the transaction and if we are unable to recover funds - we’ll keep trying to recover from all your payment cards until we can fully reclaim the funds.

Timeframe - To make a claim, you need to get in touch with us within 120 days of the purchase or receipt of goods or date of the event.

  • 1. Try to resolve the issue with the merchantWhen you have not received goods or services as expected and would like to raise a dispute, in the first instance contact the merchant and reasonably try to resolve the problem directly with them. If you’re unable to reach a resolution with the merchant, get in touch with Curve and we can help you with your claim. Please note, in the case of unauthorised transactions you don’t need to attempt to resolve this with the merchant.

  • 2. Contact Curve

  • (a) Contact us with the following information:

  • A detailed description of events

  • Booking/Order confirmation

  • Evidence showing you’ve attempted to resolve with the merchant (emails/call logs) - this must be written communication

  • Any other evidence you feel may help your case

  • (b) Always communicate in an email the issues that you’d like to raise.

  • 3. Process Refund Once you get in touch with all of the information mentioned above, Curve will review your claim. If eligible, we will then raise a dispute on your behalf through the Mastercard Chargeback Scheme for the transaction(s) in question.Decisions on claims are made at Curve’s discretion. When you submit a claim to Curve, we have the right to choose to refund you immediately, or process your refund once Curve has confirmed that your chargeback has been successful.Please note that, if you were refunded when your dispute was raised and before its final outcome was confirmed, this refund is a temporary credit which is pending the outcome of your claim. Should your chargeback be rejected by the merchant, Curve reserves the right to re-debit these funds. This can be from any payment card, including any funds available from Curve Send funds on your Curve account, and will be processed three working days after we have contacted you to confirm your chargeback was unsuccessful.In the event that the outcome isn’t in your favour, a dispute can’t be raised with your underlying card issuer.The maximum amount you can be refunded via Curve Customer Protection is £100,000 per dispute, this will include multiple transactions for the same purchase. If you exceed this amount, we’d be happy to help raise a chargeback on your behalf under regular Mastercard Chargeback rules.The amount reimbursed won’t include postage for returning the product. We will only reimburse the amount of the original transaction or the proportion of the original transaction - whichever is applicable.

What if I’m not eligible for Curve Customer Protection?

Curve can help you resolve the dispute with a merchant by filing a dispute. To do so, contact us within 120 days of the date of purchase. We won’t make a decision on the claim if it isn’t covered by Curve Customer Protection but will help raise a dispute on your behalf.

What is "Double Recovery"?

This means you may not receive money back for a purchase under Curve Customer Protection if you also receive money back for that purchase directly from the merchant or any third party.

What is an unauthorised transaction?

This means you don’t recognise a transaction made on your Curve Card and you have no previous relationship with the company who’s taken the payment.

When won’t I be covered? What are the exceptions? *

There are instances where you may not be covered by Curve Customer Protection. These are listed below. In these cases, with the exception of crypto-related purchases or any other type of commodity purchase, you can still ask Curve to raise a chargeback on your behalf as per the Mastercard chargeback rules.

The following transactions made using the Curve Card aren’t covered under the Curve Customer Protection:

  • Real estate transactions (including the purchase of a timeshare)

  • Car hire or car purchase transactions

  • Transactions made at investment companies or for the purchase of financial products

  • The purchase or sale of shares or any form of interest in a business

  • Purchases made for the purpose of trading cryptocurrencies or any other type of commodity (as noted above, we cannot raise a chargeback for this type of transaction)

  • Any illegal or illicit goods

  • Dating/Escort services

  • Transactions made at automated fuel dispensers

  • Transactions for the purpose of buying, selling or trading foreign currency

  • Donations

  • Top-ups made to a financial service or payments made to any other financial service for services provided or payments made on crowdfunding platforms

  • Repayment of loans

  • Payment of utilities, taxes or any other government services or to any government agency

  • Transactions completed due to human error

  • Direct marketing purchases

  • Purchase of any industrial machinery or major assets for commercial use

  • Trial subscriptions, you have failed to cancel

  • Adult content

  • Stored value cards, prepaid cards, gift cards

*Please note that this list will be updated from time to time without prior notice.

You also won’t be eligible for protection under this policy if:

  • The goods are being held in customs for unpaid duty or customs fees. You’re obligated to pay the appropriate fees.

  • The merchant delivered the merchandise and you refused to accept delivery.

  • You’ve signed a waiver absolving the merchant from responsibility if the goods or services aren’t received.

It is to Curve's discretion whether to honour any claim raised under Curve Customer Protection. You retain all of your statutory rights and the right to ask Curve to dispute a transaction on your behalf.

We at Curve created this protection to give you, our customers, the peace of mind in knowing that you have an extra layer of protection when you make purchases using your Curve Card. We wanted you to know that if you’re a customer who’s struggling to get money back from a merchant, there are many cases in which we can help.

Thank you for reading.